Monday, June 27, 2016

The amazing boots!

Hi Everyone,

I've coloured the famous boots a few times now and it's fun to see how they change a little each time and how they become easier to colour too!

This was my first attempt at colouring the boots. I was going for the cherry matte finish.

I wish I could remember the colours I used for this image! Perfect reason to try and keep track of colours for your future self. ;)

At Jennifer's amazing COPIC BOOTCAMP she helps to guide all the attendees through colouring the boots.

I have had fun colouring them with bright colours.

Jennifer and I also had so much fun playing a game where we would pass the 'Boots' back and forth after 5 minute intervals. The end result of each image was extraordinary.

It's fun to see how you can creatively turn what you would imagine is just a picture of 'boots' into something so cool and different!

What magic touch are you going to add to your BOOT STAMP?!

I hope I've helped to inspire you with some ideas today.




  1. Love this image! Awesome coloring, and how fun to have boots like the last photo?!!!

  2. I thought the pink pair looked good, then I moved on to the patent leather look and was wowed. Then I saw these last two pair and they are AWESOME. I really think the water drops are amazing looking.