Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting on my Country Style.

Howdy Partners, time for some 'Country Style' today with yet another awesome DoveArt Studio rubber stamp available from C.C. Designs.  

I love colouring these stamps, they are so detailed yet not too challenging to colour, perfect really. 

I have coloured 'Country Style' with Copic's - 

Boots - E70, 71, 74, 77, 79
Saddle - N2, 4, 6, 8
Hat - E41, 42, 43
Feed Bag - E31, 33
Trunk - E23, 25, 27
Trunk Top - R24, 27, B24, 26, C1, 3
Rope - E41, 42, 43
Floor - W1, 3, 5
Straw - Y21, 23, 26.

The patterned papers I used for this card are Maja Design - Vintage Summer Basics. 

Andrea xx

Honey Run

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here :)

This is another of those stamps, that is perfect for so many different occasions. I think of The Bridges of Madison County every time I see it, even though I coloured it as a barn! In fact, looking at Honey Run as I post this, I think I want to colour it again...

Copics Used... 
Sky; BG70, B41, B91, B93, Ground; E41, E42, E43, E44, Stones; W1, W3, W5, W7, Barn; E31, E33, E35, E37, W3, W5, W7, Trees/ Shrubs; E23, E25, E27, E29, W3, W5, W7, YG03, YG63, YG67, G43, G46, YG99, G24, G28, G29, G99, Red; R35, R37, R39

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great day.
Faye x

Friday, May 29, 2015

Lilac and Butterfly

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here :)

I think Lilac and Butterfly is one of my all time favourites from Doveart Designs, I've used it multiple times already!

Copics Used... 
R000, R00, R20, R32, R35, YG21, YG25, G99, YR30, YR31, YR23, YR24, B00, B91

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great day.
Faye x

Gone fishing

Ok, quick post as I just shared this over at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends.  This amazing stamp was released by DoveArt Studios recently and I finally had the time to color it up.   This is one of my favorite images.  You can find it here

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

Doesn't this Cupcake Stamp just make your mouth water! Yummy!

Copics Used... 
Cake; E30, E31, E33, W5, Frosting; RV000, RV10, R81, R83, R85, Papercase; T0, T1, T3 

Thanks for stopping by... Have a great day.
Faye x

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Covered Bridge

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

I love the rustic feel the Covered Bridge Stamp has, so I decided to add to that with some hessian and twine. Nothing too much, so this gorgeous image has the space to be just that. Gorgeous.

Copics Used... 
Sky; BG70, B91, Ground; E41, E42, E43, E44, W1, W3, W5, W7, Wood; E31, E33, W3, W5, Foliage; G07, G28, W5, YG03, YG63, YG67, W5, YG23, Tree; E84, E87, W5 

Thanks so much fr stopping by... Have a great day.
Faye x

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lilac and Butterfly

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here :)

Lilac and Butterfly... such a beautiful, serene image, I never get bored of colouring it.

Copics Used... 
Lilac; V000, V91, V95, V99, Green; YG61, YG63, YG67, Yellow/ Orange; YR30, Y32, YR24, YR27, E35

Flower Pail

Hi Everyone, it's Faye here today :)

I'm sharing a page I made to go in my Card Journal, using the gorgeous Flower Pail Stamp. Perfect for so many occasions...

Copics Used... 
Yellow; Y00, Y11, Y13, Y15, Y35, White; T0, T3, Green; YG03, YG63, YG67, T3/ G24, G46, G99, T5, Lilac; BV00, BV02, BV04 

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.
Faye x

Many Thanks

Hello everyone!  This is Cassandra from Creating with Color by Cassandra.  I'm so excited that Jennifer has asked me to join the DoveArt Studios ~ Design Team.  I still feel like a bit of a Copic newbie - so hopefully I can make her proud.  :)

I thought I would start by sharing the beautiful DoveArt Studios ~ Flower Pail.

Copic Sketch Colors
Pail ~ W1, W3 W5, E93, E99, G21
Daisies ~ C1, C3, Y17
Pansies ~ BV02, BV04, BV08
Leaves ~ YG03, YG17, YG67

Well my creative friends, that's it for me today.  I will see you all again soon.  Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


 DoveArts Designs has been picked up by a major distributer so you can find these stamps nationally.  Just ask your local store to get them in for you.  There are links on the side to stores that carry these stamps.

This locomotive makes for a wonderful masculine card.  You could even color it in baby blue and make it for that special little one too.  You can find the "Old West Locomotive" in your local Craft store.

E42 43 44
R14 27 46
C1 3 5 7
Y15 26 28

ENJOY!  - Jenn Dove

Saturday, May 23, 2015

For Reals!!

The whole thing that got me started were these boots.  A little leather, a little rubber and a bunch of Copics.  I am a huge Dr. Marten fan.  I own quite a few pairs and they are my signature style.  One day, when I used to have extra time on my hands, I decided to draw a pair.  This is what I drew.  After demands from students that this be made into a it is!  In my retreats which I call "Boot Camp" everyone gets to color them.  They all look at me like I am crazy but the end result is stunning!  

This stamp is available at your local stores (just ask them to get them in) or through CCDesigns or Little Miss Muffet.  Links are on the side of the blog.

C1 3 5 7 9 100
W3 5 
Y26 28 

You're My Anchor

I love this stamp.  Currently living in Arizona having moved here from Alaska I find that I miss the sea the most.  Prior to Alaska I have always lived near an ocean.  This stamp "Anchor" reminds me of home.  One of my dear friends had a sailboat named Spirit so I felt it was perfect.  I found this to be an easy image to color and can be used for any occasion.

You can find this stamp at your local scrapbook stores or online at LMMS or CCDESIGNS

Rope E31 E23
Rust E31 E97 E09 E25 E49
Sand E40 E41 E42 E43 E44
Life Preserver R14 R27 R46
C0 C1 C3 C6
Log W1 W3 W5 W7 E31

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Stunning Dragonfly Floral

Hello, Andrea here today with the stunning 'Dragonfly Floral'  :) I have thoroughly enjoyed colouring this magnificent stamp. it's just so beautiful. I did a bit of googling to see what colours dragonflies come in and some of them were quite surprising. I chose to do a blue/green/violet dragonfly :)

The Copic colourers I chose to use are -
Dragonfly - BV00, 01, V25, BG13, 45, 72, 75
Flowers - B60, 63, 66
Leaves - YG03, G85, 99
Branches - E23, 25.

Thanks for visiting 

Andrea xx

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beautiful Flowers

Hi all, Andrea here :)

Are you as excited as I am to be part of this journey with the amazingly talented Jennifer Dove and this new blog to showcase her beautiful DoveArt Studio Rubber Stamps? I have to pinch myself daily as I still can't believe I have been chosen as part of this design team :)

Today I bring you a birthday card I have made featuring 'Flower Pail'. This is such a versatile stamp that could be used for many different occasions.

I have coloured 'Flower Pail' with Copic's.

Pail - C3, 5, 7, YR27
Pansies - B60, 63, 66
Daisy - Y04, 06, 08, 19
Leaves/grass - YG03, G85, G99
Shadows - W3, 5.

Thank you so much for stopping by and being part of my first post as a DoveArt Studio Designer.

Andrea xx

Monday, May 18, 2015

Got You Covered

Ever find yourself in a place you never want to leave?  I think this would be one of them!  I made this card using Covered Bridge.  I have colored this image many times and each time I change the seasons.  

Stamp can be purchased:

W1 W3 W5 W7 W9
YG91 YG93 YG95 G99
YR31 YR23 YR24 YR27
E31 E35 E57