Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ornament Background - In Not Christmas Colors

Hello!  We are half way through the year which means....Yes, we have to start thinking about the upcoming Holiday Season.  When I think about Jennifer Dove I think of these colors!  You see her Christmas tree was anything but traditional last year!  It was the brightest and happiest tree I've seen and full of magenta's and teals.  If I recall this year it will be filled with golds and chocolates which fits her wonderful sepia colorings to perfection!

This is the Newly Released Ornament Background.

I did not make it into a card I just needed to color it!  I think for the holidays it will become a frames or mixed media piece which I will cherish because it will always remind me of Jenn's tree!  Maybe I will color another version matching the Jennifer Dove Family tree for 2016!  

Here is the Color Palette I used....

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