Sunday, June 28, 2015

Harvest Delight

I've been coloring a lot of sweets lately.
I think I'm gaining weight through osmosis.
I'm gonna try to color clean for a while and see if that helps :D
Seriously, I just love this image; since first I saw it.
And I do love my veggies.

Derwent Inktense used:
Eggplant and carrot: Dk Purple, Dusky Purple,
Artichoke: Fern, Leaf Green. Light Olive
Lettuce and peas, Felt Green, Ionion Green, Beech Green
Red onion: Violet, Red Violet
White onion: Silician yellow, Cadmium Yellow
Tomato and jalapeno: Chili Red, Cherry,
Squash: Silician Yellow, Felt Green, Red Oxide
Orange Carrot: Burnt orange, tangerine, Dark chocolate
Green onion: Sherbert Lemon, Felt Green, Dark Chocolate
White it used to blend. Black is used to shadow.

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